focus2user power your user research

We help start-ups getting closer to what their users are really expecting

Your laptop is overflowing with users’ information but you feel like missing part of the puzzle to make the best decisions

1. Define accurately your issue

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Einstein 

2. Drop it in our clock or cloud filter

Thinking if your issue is working more likely like a clock or like a cloud

3. Welcome on board

We design and activate the research for you, asking the right questions to the right users

so, your issue works as a clock or as a cloud?

 – Inspired from Karl Popper –

A clock is mechanical, understandable, predictable

Your company has clearly identified the problem. With focus2user, you'll get valuable learnings quickly


Clouds are impenetrable, endlessly shaping, unpredictable

With focus2user, we’ll design a 360º research to help you understand it all

how focus2user helps you solving issues?

Qualitative research is about asking the right questions to the right people (not the most)

It helps every team to make most user centric decisions, whatever the size of your business, whatever how long you are in the business. 

While your team keeps working, designing, solving, We are the one who investigate, validate asking users

the closest we work, the fastest your team learn

Step 1

Setting up

We build an intuitive and user-centric guidelines

Once users’ profile is set, you invite them from your database

We engage them in the research community on-line. We use surveys. We challenge them with collective exercises to get the most of it

Step 2


Users participate daily. We moderate the community daily. We update you daily

Participants log in from any device, anywhere, anytime

They engage strongly w/ the research. Simple and user friendly platform. Ludic activities

Step 3


We analyse all what users told us of your solution/ your service/ your company

We deliver a plug & play report to fuel your team with powerful insights

Sharing wide the learnings across the company, you spread a user-centric mindset in your all team

ready... choose your focus2user mode

facing a clock issue

fast research
  • key questions on a specific issue
  • 15 users on board
  • 3 active days collecting user feedback
  • 1 whiteboard to boost ideas /collective intelligence
  • to identify customer insights, assess websites performance, test a campaign

facing a cloud issue

deep research
  • 360º tour to deeply get how users make decisions
  • 35 users on board
  • 10 active days collecting user feedback
  • 6 whiteboards to boost ideas /collective intelligence
  • to explore the all customer journey, build a branding strategy, test concepts by iteration

Fuel your team with powerful insights

They will design memorable experiences for your audience


why to choose us? is an idea from Claudie Corniguel, founder @ Creative2value.

20 years in Spain delivering qualitative user & market research to international teams helping them to delve deeper into Spanish customers’ minds

If we do it for historical brands, we can do it for start-ups or scaling-up businesses


Fernando Diaz de Mendoza 10B – 28019 MADRID